Inventory Sourcing Solved...
Buy Shelf Pulls, Overstocks and Customer Returns Direct From Department Stores!

If you have completed any research online looking for wholesale liquidation merchandise including customer returns or shelf pull merchandise, you already know that this industry is fraught with "fly by night" brokers and liquidators who are willing to steal your money!

Your endless search for inventory is over.

I have direct contacts....

I have been buying and selling liquidation merchandise ever since I quit my job ten years ago. I literally walked home from a company that I had worked at for over 9 years. I had to walk because I had a company car and I couldn't get anyone to give me a ride! I only lived three blocks away, but it does sound dramatic, huh?

When I got home I literally started surfing the net looking for ways to make money, all I knew was I wanted to start selling on Ebay and had dreams of opening up a retail store in my own hometown. I kept searching for "Wholesale Merchandise" and came across some information about "Below Wholesale" Liquidations. I started reading and studying....and I am not kidding when I say I was online all day long. It was not uncommon to sit at my computer from 7 in the morning until 11 at night. Just ask my wife.

Long story short, I went from selling on eBay to operating our own warehouse turning over a quarter of a million dollars in sales my first year buying and selling liquidation merchandise, such as customer returns, salvage and closeouts. My wife ended up leaving her job ten months after I started and we have not looked back since!

Electronics - Toys - Tools - General Merchandise

If you are just starting your retail store, eBay business or Flea Market booth you cannot take chances when ordering inventory. You need to skip the middlemen and buy from direct sources. Brokers or sometimes called middlemen, will do all they can to sell you a pallet or truckload of merchandise, but disappear after the sale. If a load is terribly misrepresented what can you do? Do you have recourse? You have just wasted hard-earned dollars for what could be considered out and out fraud.

Tired of buying from middlemen?

How about liquidation pricing on Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Betsey Johnson, Guess, Baby Phat, Kippling and More!


I will share Sources for Designer Shoes including: Coach, BCBG, Marc Fisher, Steve Madden, Guess, bandolino and More!


Pallets of tools, housewares, general merchandise and more at liquidation pricing!

I have been a victim of fraud buying pallets of merchandise only to find out that what I ordered (or thought I was ordering) was actually garbage. It took me years to find the right sources to buy from. I buy direct from several major department stores now without major hassle. I no longer pay a Brokers commission to buy name brand inventory.

You can take advantage of my knowledge, today, and have all of the sources of wholesale liquidation merchandise that most liquidators and Broker use. The sources contained in our guide will allow you to buy apparel, jewelry, home decor items, furniture, tools, used clothing, electronics, cosmetics, handbags and more direct from our country's largest department stores. Each department store has a liquidation department where they wholesale pallets and truckloads of shelf pulled and/or customer returned items. If the liquidation division is not a part of the corporation, then they have a contracted third party that handles the excess inventory.

I am exposing my sources for shelf pull apparel including women's, men's and children's clothing

Shelf Pulls with original retail tags attached, straight from the department stores!

Brands such as: DKNY, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Jones of New York, Baby Phat, L.E.I, Angels, Overdrive, Eyeshadow, INC, E.C.I New York, Cable & Gauge, BCBG and others!

The access you wil get to name brands goes on and on: Nannette, Guess, Baby Headquarters, Baby Phat, First Impressions, Vitamins Baby, Sugar Tart, L.A. Kitty, Nautica, Carters, Osh Kosh, DKNY, Quicksilver, Echo Red, Roxy, Ralph Lauren...and more!

I am not going to go into some fancy sales pitch, but I will tell you this: My 10+ years of buying wholesale liquidation experience has allowed me to write the most comprehensive below wholesale product sourcing guide available. You can invest in a useless wholesale suppliers list on eBay or the internet, but my guide offers a complete course on buying profitable liquidation merchandise and it contains my personal experience!

Chapter after chapter I explain in detail the process of buying and reselling liquidation merchandise. You will read the entire guide cover to cover (over 130 pages!) in one sitting. How do I know this? Well, when I heard about wholesale liquidation merchandise I was intrigued to say the least. I could not find enough information online! I was so anxious to get my business started I spent countless hours reading and reviewing this industry.

I have packed all of my knowledge into one guide: Wholesale Liquidations Exposed


I jumped right in head first buying a pallet of what I thought was new clothing, but as it turned out I was literally lied to by the broker who coaxed $1,700 out of me! The pallet delivered was filled with customer returns and had a lot of damages, yuck!

Determined to learn as much as possible about department store shelf pulls I searched day in and day out and was lucky to find your book. I wanted to write a short email asking you specifically why you do not charge more for this information? I would have paid double(glad I didn't LOL)! Keep up the good work and by the way I am a faithful visitor to your blog."

Charlotte via Email


I am Anthony. First of all I want to start off by saying you have written an Amazing guide. I've learned so much from it. I purchased it yesterday night and finished reading it today.I was so excited to get started.The thing I liked about your book was that it was very informative. Your video allowed me to hear your voice and you seem like an honest person and that's what made me purchase. Thanks again!"

Anthony via Email

I wrote this guide with the new buyer in mind. The new buyer who has just realized shelf pulls and customer returns are available below wholesale. The new buyer who would like to start a retail or eBay business selling liquidated merchandise. The new buyer who would like limit the costly mistakes when buying pallets of merchandise. You!

You can buy wholesale or you can chose to buy below wholesale within the liquidation industry. Liquidation merchandise will allow you to compete with the chain stores or the large eBay Power sellers!

Your profits will double as your inventory costs are slashed!

Are you ready to become a Wholesale Liquidation expert?

Big chain stores re-wholesale name brand merchandise at a fraction of the original wholesale pricing, which is perfect for eBay sellers, flea market vendors and small chain store operators!

You can spin your wheels and waste your money buying pallets and truckloads from the wrong sources! You need to know what you are doing when buying pallets & truckloads.....or you might as well just throw your money away!

There is major difference between Customer Returned and Shelf Pull merchandise. Which category should you buy for your business?

You can bypass the Broker and stop paying a "middleman" when buying pallets and truckloads of merchandise. Put the money you would pay to a Broker in your own pocket.

You can pay as little as "Pennies on the Dollar" buying liquidated apparel, electronics, general merchandise, jewelry, home decor, tools etc. Forget paying traditional wholesale pricing!

"Hello Robert,

I am very pleased with the purchase of your Guide. I found it very informative, lots of resources and tips. I am looking into starting a business exporting high end fashion to my home country Costa Rica. I am researching a lot of your contacts right now!"

Raquel via Email

The info in our guide will anger many wholesalers, brokers & liquidators who will lose your business! Why would you buy at their markup, when you can buy from their sources!

Jam-Packed with 130+ pages of information
and resources!

Here is a small "taste" of what I reveal in my guide...

  • I am sharing my contacts for several major department stores, buy pallets direct from some of the nations' largest retailers including, but not limited to, Best Buy, Target, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Walmart, Sears, JC Penny's, Kmart, Shopko, Costco and others!
  • Are you looking for the premier Victoria's Secrets liquidation will have the source!
  • I have contacts for refurbished electronics that I will share including resellers of Xbox's, Digital cameras and other electronics!
  • Looking for name brand cosmetics? Mac, Bobby Brown, Clinique, Smah Box, Estee Lauder and others -my sources will become your sources!
  • You will learn the "talk of the trade" as I explain the terminology used with wholesale liquidation sourcing
  • Your most common freight questions answered, who to use and will I need a forklift?
  • How a Liquidation Broker affects your purchasing ability
  • When to use a Liquidation Broker
  • I will share my big list of "mistakes not to make" when buying liquidation merchandise
  • What about using wire transfers to purchase merchandise? - in depth clarification
  • I'll show you where you can bid on liquidation merchandise and save even money when buying!
  • Your going to get my personal list of liquidation wholesalers!
  • I'll show you a website where you can start importing your own inventory! It does not get any simpler!
  • I'll show you what Industry magazines I subscribe to - you must stay informed!
  • You will get the "inside scoop" on liquidation trade shows
  • I'll connect you to several liquidation videos where you can get an idea of what pallets and truckloads look like before buying!
  • I will also reveal what Industry newsletters you should be receiving ongoing

No other guide comes close to exposing so much information!

You can imagine how many other guides, lists and programs I have bought....There is no comparison to the information I am about to share with you!

I made a quarter of a million dollars my first year brokering liquidation merchandise! You will learn how I did it step-by-step

  • How To Broker Liquidation pallets & truckloads
  • Brokering versus dropshipping
  • How I started Brokering
  • Getting started as a Broker
  • Broker Licensing
  • Internet faxing Services
  • Why you will need voice messaging and an auto attendant Brokering
  • Critical: email list building programs
  • Invoicing software
  • The Broker's bank account
  • Payment methods
  • Setting up a website as a Broker
  • Brokering business "day one"
  • Looking for merchandise to sell
  • Looking for buyers to purchase your offers
  • Pricing pallets and truckloads
  • The Brokered transaction step by step
  • Tips for the successful Broker

"I brokered my first load yesterday! It was only three pallets and I must say I was a bit nervous LOL. I made $300 in an hours worth of work, thanks again!

Frank H.
Nesconset NY

I receive emails DAILY thanking me for writing this guide!

Approximately 64% of all successful eBay Powersellers are using suppliers to dropship their products. I am one of them and I will reveal my secrets...

  • Dropshipping gives you a virtual warehouse of products to sell. Your job will consist of taking orders and collecting cash!
  • Some of the web's largest retailers use dropshipping as a business model. You can run a five figure company from your kitchen table
  • You will need ZERO out of pocket dollars for inventory...let your suppliers warehouse the products!
  • How to find reputable dropship suppliers and manufacturers
  • 5 golden rules of dropshipping
  • Dropshipping within an eBay store
  • Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping
  • How to start a dropshipping business
  • Powerful reasons for using dropshipping as apposed to physically warehousing inventory

"We have been selling jewelry on eBay for about 7 months now. Thanks to your guide we started offering trendy handbags to our eBay clientele. We just sell em' and our supplier ships 'em. Too easy!

Brea, CA"

How about a Bonus?


There are a bunch of reputable wholesale liquidators that I buy this day. I will share details such as what they specialize in and where they are located!

Some of the best advice I have learned in the wholesale liquidation industry has come from others who "buy" and "resell" liquidation merchandise. I will show you how to use social media and industry forums to further your education!

$23 Value - Yours FREE With Purchase get 10 years of wholesale liquidation buying experience in a 137 page guide + the 2 video bonuses for an unheard of low price!

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With this guarantee you have nothing to lose, so I urge you strongly: If you have any doubts what so ever, get the guide and look it over. I promise you will not regret it. You will become more educated on the subject of liquidation merchandise and be in a position to take your business to the next level (again, I guarantee it).

And if that is not enough to put you at ease, keep in mind that I use Paypal as my payment processor and I am required by law to honor my guarantee.

Start your Liquidation Education NOW!

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P.S. You will be ahead of the game with this information...questioning who to buy from will no longer be on your mind day and night! I will be your personal guide exposing the sources that propelled our eBay business to the next level!

P.P.S. In addition to everything I mentioned above you will get page after page of liquidation merchandise sources. The suppliers I will share do not spend a lot of money advertising on the internet. You could say they are hidden sources that your competition knows little about! Cha Ching!